Strawberry Quartz Tower
Strawberry Quartz Tower

Strawberry Quartz Tower

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The Strawberry Quartz towers present light pink shades, amplify, and emit soothing, gentle energies. Tower generators concentrate, and focus the energy in one direction and are often used as powerful tools for manifestation. Strawberry Quartz tower's properties make it excellent to use as the central stone in crystal grids for love. It will gather the energy from the other crystals‘ energies and projects them into the environment. The tower's beautiful appearance makes it a stunning home décor element, an impressive addition to your bedroom, meditation place, or workplace. Strawberry Quartz can help to energize and balance the Heart chakra.

Note: All crystal tower generators vary, there are no two alike. You will receive a Strawberry Quartz tower generator similar to the towers in this image. Strawberry Quartz tower can be a meaningful gift for special occasions including birthdays, anniversaries, housewarming, Valentines Day, Mothers' Day, Christmas.

Use your Strawberry Quartz tower to:

  • vitalize the energy of the heart
  • amplify love and appreciation
  • enhance generosity
  • release tension and anxiety
  • aid physical recovery
  • bring calm
Approximately 3x1 inches

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