Rhodonite Tower

Rhodonite Tower

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Rhodonite is a profoundly nurturing crystal known for its energy filled with love and compassion. It's great at balancing emotions and activating the Heart Chakra stimulating love of all kinds. Rhodonite is the guide you need if you seek to understand your heart and soothe it, ground your spiritual practice and reconnect to your body and mind.

Beneficial influences of the Rhodonite Tower:

  • brings emotional healing
  • soothes heartaches
  • wards off negativity
  • infuses the soul with love
  • releases fear
  • balances yin and yang energy
  • regulates negative emotions
  • clears away emotional wounds
  • carries grounding energy
  • helps with panic attacks
  • fosters unconditional love
  • raises optimism
  • encourages altruism and selflessness
  • releases stress and tension
  • relaxes and revitalizes
  • brings a sense of self-worth

Note: All Rhodonite Towers are unique in their own way; there are no two alike. You will receive one Rhodonite Tower crystal similar to the one in the image posted.

Size: approximately 4x1 inches.

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