Raw Angel Aura Tower
Raw Angel Aura Tower

Raw Angel Aura Tower

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The Raw Angel Aura tower is the result of the alchemical process that bonds platinum and silver, sometimes gold, into pure quartz. It is the perfect gift for anyone who seeks guidance and inspiration from the angels. This magical stone is a powerful aid in getting in touch with celestial beings.

Use your Angel Aura tower to:

  • clear the aura
  • stimulate and balance all the chakras
  • raise our vibrational frequency
  • deepen meditation
  • balance the meridians of the body
  • enhance intuition and positive vibration
  • open up the crown chakra
  • help to optimize our abilities
  • expand awareness
  • bring inner peace and serenity
  • elevate our mood
  • stimulate the spirit
  • relive stress
  • enhance divine and cosmic consciousness

Note: All Raw Angel Aura Towers are unique; there are no two alike. You will receive one Raw Angel Aura Tower that is similar to the one in the images posted.

Size: approximately 3.5x1.5 inches.

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