Rainbow Moonstone Tower - medium
Rainbow Moonstone Tower - medium

Rainbow Moonstone Tower - medium

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Approximately 4x1 inches.

Rainbow Moonstone or White Labradorite is a soothing stone with powerful vibrations of calming and relaxing energy. The crystal dynamizes one’s emotional body by helping maintain mental clarity. It can raise one’s awareness and intuitive levels. Rainbow Moonstone is also a very effective transformational stone, and working with it can produce life-changing opportunities quickly.

Beneficial influences of the Rainbow Moonstone Tower:

  • promotes inspiration and creativity
  • brings calming energy and peace
  • gives feminine insight
  • supports freedom of expression
  • opens us up to synchronicity
  • balances emotions and hormones
  • enhances conception
  • aids the reproductive system
  • alleviates stress and anxiety
  • eases the pressure of trying new things
  • connects with the Divine Feminine
  • helps access inner wisdom

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