Pink Lace Agate Tower

Pink Lace Agate Tower

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Pink Lace Agate forms a protective shield, surrounding your aura with a layer of pure love, joy, and happiness, just like a protective talisman. It brings emotional support, emotional healing, and inner realization when we most need it. Pink Lace Agate teaches us to let go of old beliefs that no longer serve us and allows space for growth and enlightenment.

Beneficial influences of the Pink Lace Agate Tower:

  • enhances concentration
  • brings calming vibrations
  • improves analytical skills
  • provides protective energy
  • stops rumination of negative thoughts
  • aids in severe anxiety
  • boosts self-confidence
  • improves parent-child relationships
  • aids in realizing misconceptions
  • dissolves harmful attachments
  • stabilizes the aura
  • offers energy protection
  • breaks old pattern
  • instills positive energy
  • introduces strength in tough times
  • helps in overcoming heart bitterness

Note: All Pink Lace Agate Towers are unique in their own way; there are no two alike. You will receive one Pink Lace Agate Tower crystal similar to the one in the image posted.

Size: approximately 4x1.25 inches.

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