Picasso Marble Tower

Picasso Marble Tower

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Picasso Marble, also known as Picasso Jasper, is a powerful nurturing crystal. Its loving and protecting energy will provide you with what you need in times of extreme stress and hardship. Picasso Marble caries grounding and calming vibrations that will keep you connected to reality. It's also a wonderful crystal for meditation and will protect you from physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual harm.

Beneficial influences of the Picasso Marble Tower:

  • brings peace
  • encourages gentle transformation
  • provides strength
  • encourages perseverance
  • stimulates the circulatory system
  • reduces anxiety and stress
  • balances the metabolism
  • promotes weight loss
  • soothes the mind
  • creates a protective field
  • reminds us to celebrate life
  • boosts inner-strength
  • helps manifest creativity
  • encourages self-discipline
  • maintains motivation
  • brings freedom

Note: All Picasso Marble Towers are unique in their own way; there are no two alike. You will receive one Picasso Marble Tower crystal similar to the one in the image posted.

Size: approximately 3.75x1 inches.

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