Lotus Jasper Generator Tower

Lotus Jasper Generator Tower

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Lotus Jasper is also called Kiwi Jasper or Sesame Jasper. It's a nurturing stone that brings tranquility to stressful situations. It helps align the physical, emotional, and mental body bringing them into harmony. Lotus Jasper is perfect for grieving: it lifts your soul and brings you inner peace. The stone helps you face demanding situations and solve them positively.

Beneficial influences of the Lotus Jasper Tower:

  • promotes healing
  • enhances relaxation
  • cleanses the chakras
  • balances Yin-Yang energies
  • bringing stability
  • gives courage
  • amplifies wisdom
  • facilitates tranquility
  • helps us to be honest with ourselves
  • absorbs negative energy
  • soothes anger and tension
  • energizes the heart and sacral chakras
  • protects the immune system
  • raises our spirit
  • clears electromagnetic pollution

Note: All Lotus Jasper Towers are unique. You will receive a Lotus Jasper Tower similar to the ones posted in the image.

Size: approximately 3.5" high x 1" wide.

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