Green Tourmaline in Quartz Tower
Green Tourmaline in Quartz Tower

Green Tourmaline in Quartz Tower

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Green Tourmaline, also known as Verdelite is believed to be nature’s best healing crystal for the physical heart. It holds one of Tourmaline’s most distinctive properties: its ability to become electrically charged simply by holding it. As it attracts luck, it could increase one’s opportunities to turn an interest or hobby into a business. Green Tourmaline resonates with the plant kingdom and helps gardens flourish. It increases the effectiveness of herbs and plants in our healing.

Benefits of Green Tourmaline crystals:

  • assists in overcoming emotional problems
  • increases energy and stamina
  • provides protection
  • strengthens the sense of smell
  • treats motion sickness
  • stimulates cellular function and regeneration
  • fortifies the nervous system
  • beneficial to the eyes, thymus, and the immune system
Approximae size 3x1 inches.

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