Green Aventurine Tower

Green Aventurine Tower

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Green Aventurine is the "Stone of Opportunity" and the luckiest of all crystals. It promotes winning energy, making the stone a great ally in manifesting prosperity and wealth. The stone's vibrations can boost the chances in any situation: first date, tax audit, or landing a promotion. Green Aventurine helps to release old patterns and habits so that new growth can happen. It brings optimism and joy to life, allowing us to embrace change confidently.

Beneficial influences of the Green Aventurine Tower:

  • reinforces leadership qualities
  • brings decisiveness
  • promotes compassion and empathy
  • encourages perseverance
  • relieves stammers
  • aids severe neuroses
  • stimulates perception
  • enhances creativity
  • helps see alternatives and possibilities
  • calms anger and irritation
  • promotes well-being
  • balances blood pressure
  • supports the endocrine system
  • facilitates weight control
  • has anti-inflammatory effect
  • soothes the eyes

Note: All Green Aventurine Towers are unique. You will receive a Green Aventurine Tower similar to the one posted in the image.

Size: approximately 3x1 inches.

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