Caribbean Blue Calcite Tower medium

Caribbean Blue Calcite Tower medium

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Caribbean Blue Calcite was recently found in Pakistan in 2019. This tower presents beautiful light blue coloration, amplifies and emits powerful energies, concentrates, and focuses the energy in one specific direction, therefore it can be used as a powerful tool for manifestation. The crystal tower's properties make it excellent to use as the central stone in crystal grids because it gathers the other crystals‘ energies and projects them in the space. It is also a stunning home décor element, an impressive addition to your sacred altar, meditation place, work-place, it will accent any room with its aesthetic appearance and relaxing energy. Caribbean Blue Calcite towers can be placed under the therapy bed during crystal therapy sessions, it can help to energize and balance the chakras.

Caribbean Blue Calcite towers are used for:

  • calming the mind during meditation 
  • activating the Third Eye 
  • energizing the Crown Chakra
  • activating the Throat Chakra
  • enhancing psychic abilities 
  • elevating consciousness
  • awakening a sense of calm
  • bringing serenity 
  • ascending to higher vibrations 
  • having lucid dreams 
  • relaxation techniques
  • entering deep meditation states
  • improving communication with others
  • relaxing tensed areas of the body

Approximate size: 2.75x1 inches.

Note: All crystal tower generators vary, there are no two alike. You will receive a Caribbean Blue Calcite tower generator similar to the one in this image. This Caribbean Blue tower can be a meaningful gift for any occasion including Valentines Day, Mothers' Day, Christmas, baby shower, housewarming, birthdays, or anniversaries.


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