Blue Tiger Eye Tower
Blue Tiger Eye Tower

Blue Tiger Eye Tower

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Blue Tigers Eye, also known as Hawk’s Eye or Falcon’s Eye. It has powerful protective energy traditionally; people used it to ward off curses and negative influences.

Benefits of Blue Tiger's Eye:

  • improves memory
  • enhances mental agility
  • soothes the nerves
  • reduces anxiety
  • aids in phobias
  • increases the libido
  • enhances sexual desire
  • promotes self-worth
  • stops negative self-criticism
  • brings stability
  • promotes inner calm
  • strengthen mental focus
  • reduces stress
  • promotes grounding
  • increases determination and willpower
  • helps to clear blockages
  • attracts success and abundance
  • enhances the intuition
  • helps with decision making
  • promotes responsibility

Note: All gemstones are unique in their own way, there are no two alike. You will receive 1 crystal that is similar to the ones in the image posted.

Aproximately 4.5x1.25 inches.

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