Apatite Tower large #2

Apatite Tower large #2

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Approximately 3x2.25 inches.

Blue Apatite is the stone of inspiration and manifestation, increases motivation and energy, calms hyperactive behavior, clears confusion, enhances communication.


  • brings inspiration
  • used for manifesting
  • increases energy and motivation
  • clears confusion
  • enhances communication and self-expression
  • iconnects you to past lives
  • deepens meditation
  • promotes psychic abilities
  • raises the Kundalini
  • encourages extroversion
  • calms hyperactivity in children
  • expands knowledge and truth
  • reduces irritability
  • overcomes emotional exhaustion
  • releases energy in the Root Chakra, endorsing passion without guilt
  • heals bones and encourages formation of new cells

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