Red Coral Dreamcatcher #1 - Passion

Red Coral Dreamcatcher #1 - Passion

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Our Red Coral -Passion dreamcatcher was designed and handcrafted to ignite your passion and bring the energies of pure love into your home. It has an inspired color combination. The dreamcatcher features three long strands, a leather-wrapped hoop, and a beautiful Red Coral in the center of the white web. The three long strands are adorned with small Red Coral beads and carefully selected red feathers.

Meaning and benefits of the components:

  • The 7x18 inch hoop - represents the circle of life
  • The light brown web - provides protection against bad dreams and nightmares
  • The three strands adorned with red feathers and Red Coral beads - let the good dreams slide down
  • Red Coral in the center - ignites passion, help you overcome depression or nervousness

Handmade with love by us!

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