What are the benefits of dreamcatchers?

For some, a dreamcatcher is just a decorative element with ancestral origins, but for others, it represents a powerful spiritual tool with a history of thousands of years. Dreamcatchers have their origins in the Native American tradition, in the Ojibwe tribe, where they were used as talismans to protect sleeping children from bad dreams, evil spirits, and nightmares. Nevertheless, dreamcatchers are not only limited to entrapping bad dreams. They can do so much more, and, as you will see, it all depends on the color used.

The main purposes of dreamcatchers

The purpose and meaning of dreamcatchers vary depending on the colors used.

  • White – these dreamcatchers are used for relaxation and meditation and are best fit for rooms where you rest and want the energy to flow in harmony.
  • Black – this color is used to balance energies in a space. On the other hand, black also adds elegance, so it can even be hung in offices or more professional areas.
  • Red - this color stimulates mood and appetite. That is why red dreamcatchers are perfect for the kitchen, terrace, or dining room. Red also represents love and passion, so placing such a dreamcatcher in the bedroom will encourage the flow of these emotions.
  • Yellow – if you want to feel joy and increased energy and to boost creativity and focus, you should place a yellow dreamcatcher in your office or studio.
  • Blue – this color represents determination, strength and success. Place a blue dreamcatcher in the bedroom for a restful sleep and in the office for good performance and motivation.
  • Green – such a dreamcatcher promotes connection with nature and instills peace of mind.
  • Orange – if you want warmth, good relationships, and stability in your life, hang an orange dreamcatcher in the dining or meeting rooms.
  • Brown – choose a brown dreamcatcher to feel secure and safe. This color represents the earth and will help you make good decisions and carefully evaluate your options.

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