Who makes our dreamcatchers?

In the Native American culture, dreamcatchers’ hoops were made from Red Willow branches, which were wrapped in leather. The web was made of yarn and it was decorated with beads and feathers. Today, you can find a variety of dreamcatchers on the market, made from various materials and in numerous shapes and colors. However, to benefit from a dreamcatcher’s properties, we recommend buying only those that are made of natural elements.

What makes our dreamcatchers special?

In our family-owned shop, we offer a wide variety of authentic dreamcatchers, all made here, in the US, by local artists. That is why the dreamcatchers found in our shop are unique and cannot be found anywhere else. You can choose from numerous sizes and colors embedded by various crystals, depending on your needs.

Because we know that not all people might like our designs, we also offer custom-made dreamcatchers. So, if you have a certain design or pattern in mind, specific colors or favorite crystals that you want to have in your dreamcatcher, we can make it happen.

We collaborate with talented and inspired local artisans who create unique, eye-catching dreamcatchers. All our dreamcatchers are adorned with crystals and natural gemstones, each with its unique benefits. Moreover, the artistically combined colorful feathers and crystals make these dreamcatchers perfect decor pieces for any home.

Some of the dreamcatchers you can find in our shop: