What crystals are good for dreamcatchers?

Dreamcatchers can be adorned with all kinds of crystals and gemstone beads, but the best crystals are the ones with calming, soothing, and protective energy.

There are crystals with soothing energies that can balance emotions, calm the mind, release tension, reduce stress, and facilitate relaxation before bedtime. These benefits are the main reason why dreamcatchers with crystals and gemstones are excellent additions to any bedroom. People have been using crystals and dreamcatchers for their exceptional properties; therefore, we believe that crystals and dreamcatchers are a brilliant match.

What makes our dreamcatchers with crystals unique:

  • dreamcatchers adorned with gemstone beads, raw crystals, crystal slices, and colorful feathers look amazing
  • these dreamcatchers have a unique design and can become statement decor pieces for any bedroom
  • these dreamcatchers harmoniously combine the benefits of dreamcatchers and crystals
  • the artistically combined colorful feathers and gemstones make these dreamcatchers perfect gifts for any occasion

Best crystals for dreamcatchers

Artisans often use crystal slices, raw crystals, and gemstone beads to adorn dreamcatchers with them. They incorporate shiny crystals in the dreamcatcher’s center and web design to highlight its beauty and enhance its healing energy. Small gemstone beads are added to the design to enhance the beauty of colorful natural feathers.

Crystals for dreamcatchers that enhance the libido, ignite passion, and improve sex drive:

Crystals for dreamcatchers with protective energy, that offer protection against bad dreams and nightmares:

Crystals for dreamcatchers that help with insomnia and other sleep disorders:

Crystals for dreamcatchers that soothes the nerves, reduce stress and anxiety: