Amethyst Moon Dreamcatcher

Amethyst Moon Dreamcatcher

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This Amethyst Moon Dreamcatcher has a beautiful design. It was handmade using only natural, organic materials by local artists. It features a white leather-wrapped hoop, a moon-shaped Amethyst in the center of the web. The web is adorned with small Amethyst beads. It features long white strands with Amethyst beads and white feathers gracefully hanging beneath. The Amethyst Moon Dreamcatcher was created and blessed by Native American artists.

Meaning and benefits of its components:

  • 5x11 inch white leather-wrapped hoop - symbolizes the circle of life
  • White web - catches the bad dreams
  • Natural white feathers - let all good dreams slide down
  • Amethyst beads - arranged in a circular design gives energy to the center stone
  • Amethyst in the center - gathers the energy from the beads and emanates it in the environment
  • Amethyst crystal - Amethyst's peaceful energy helps those who are overworked and tense, inducing a state of calm. The stone's high-vibrational energy creates a pure ambiance in your bedroom. Amethyst is a natural stress reliever, it helps you relax and fall asleep. It eases sleep disorders. Hang this beautiful dreamcatcher above your bed and it will infuse your aura with peaceful energy while sleeping.
 Handmade with love.

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