Shungite, a Miraculous Stone With Proven EMF Radiation Protection

Shungite is a black rock that intermediates between amorphous carbon and graphite, and it's often called "the miracle stone of our century", or "the living stone". Shungite deposits exist only in Karelia, Russia. It is the only rock that contains fullerenes, the carbon in the form of spherical ions.

Due to its unique structure, Shungite has the ability to absorb substances from the environment, it has bactericide, high adhesion, and EMF shielding characteristics.

At the Saint-Petersburg Military Medical Academy, the healing and balancing properties of Shungite and Shungite products have been carefully tested and studied.

Studies of the effect of Shungite on electromagnetic fields showed that it can be used as protection against electromagnetic fields of cell phones, laptops, computers, and geopathogenic zones.

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Syndrome

The most beneficial use of Shungite is to protect against harmful, EMFs and neutralize them. We are constantly surrounded by technology, cell phones, computers, televisions, Wi-Fi and the list could go on and on.

An increasing number of people experience electromagnetic sensitivity, and long-term EMF exposure has been linked to the development of several health problems including:

  • heart diseases
  • brain damage
  • poor digestion
  • weak immune system
  • arthritis
  • anxiety and depression
  • panick attacks
  • increased blood pressure
  • increased heart rate
  • increased blood sugar

According to the WHO the Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Syndrome (EHS) is a disorder that involves several non-specific symptoms.

Protection Against EMFs

Place Shungite near all electronic devices: television, computer, laptop microwaves, radio receivers, and Wi-Fi hot spots to neutralize any EMFs. Many scientists and crystal therapists consider that Shungite absorbs and neutralizes these frequencies.

In 1996, Sir Harold Kroto, Robert Curl, and Richard Smalley won a Nobel Prize for their discovery of fullerenes. Fullerenes are hollow molecular carbon cages embedded within Shungite. The stone's special and unique structure makes it possible to neutralize the EMFs. There are three types of Shungite based on carbon content: Elite Shungite (90 percent carbon), Black Shungite (50-70 percent carbon), and Gray Shungite (30-50 percent carbon).

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Shungite Pendants and Bracelets

The easiest way to benefit from Shungite's protective energy is to wear Shungite bracelets and pendants all day long. In our shop, you'll find a wide array of beautifully designed Shungite Energy pendants that will complement and compliment your outfit.

It's always a great idea to buy Shungite jewelry for your loved ones. Shungite jewelry pieces look amazing and have powerful protective energy. In our shop, you'll find a selection of Shungite pendants and bracelets.

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Shungite Products for Your Smartphone

We cannot imagine our life without smartphones, tablets, or other electronic devices. Many of us are using two or more devices every day. It makes our life comfortable and our work more efficient. Users of electronic devices should use protection against harmful EMFs.

Shungite products can provide such protection based on the stone's unique structure and its ability to neutralize EMFs.

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  • Shungite phone stand - made of polished Black Shungite
  • Shungite phone tabs - place them on the back of your cell phone or case
  • Shungite flat pocket stones - carry them with you or place them near your phone or laptop
  • Elite Raw Shungite - these are the best stones to neutralize EMFs, place them near your electronic devices

Shungite for Your Home and Office

I love to decorate my home with crystals and gemstones. When it comes to home decor elements, Shungite spheres, pyramids and cubes are on the top of the list.

These products made of black Shungite are not only stylish home decor items but can also offer protection against EMFs.

Display a Shungite cube or pyramid on your work desk. You can also display raw or tumbled Shungite in a stylish handcrafted bowl. It will look amazing and you will benefit from the Shungite's powerful protective energy.

Popular Shungite products at the Village Rock Shop:

High Quality Shungite Products at the Village Rock Shop

We hope you enjoyed this blog about this truly miraculous stone. You can purchase genuine Elite and Black Shungite stones in our Carlsbad-based shop.

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