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Shungite, a Miraculous Stone With Proven EMF Radiation Protection

Shungite is a black rock that intermediates between amorphous carbon and graphite, and it's often called "the miracle stone of our century", or "the living stone". Shungite deposits exist only in Karelia, Russia. It is the only rock that contains fullerenes, the carbon in the form of spherical ions.

Due to its unique structure, Shungite has the ability to absorb substances from the environment, it has bactericide, high adhesion, and EMF shielding characteristics.

At the Saint-Petersburg Military Medical Academy, the healing and balancing properties of Shungite and Shungite products have been carefully tested and studied.

Studies of the effect of Shungite on electromagnetic fields showed that it can be used as protection against electromagnetic fields of cell phones, laptops, computers, and geopathogenic zones.

This amazing, and mysterious stone has many applications in:

  • Healing
  • Chemical industry
  • Metallurgy
  • Agriculture
  • Construction materials
  • Cosmetic products

Protection Against EMFs

The most beneficial use of Shungite, in our daily lives, is to protect against harmful, EMFs and neutralize them. We are constantly surrounded by technology, cell phones, computers, televisions, Wifi and the list could go on and on. An increasing number of people experience EMF sensitivity, and long-term EMF exposure has been linked to the development of several health problems, including heart diseases, brain damage, poor digestion, weak immune system, arthritis, anxiety, depression, and increased blood pressure, heart rate and blood sugar.

Shungite absorbs and neutralizes these frequencies. It's known as the only natural material with hollow molecular carbon cages, known as fullerenes and this special structure makes it possible to neutralize the EMFs.

Shungite Products at the Village Rock Shop

At the Village Rock Shop, you will find carefully selected, high-quality Shungite and Shungite products. We order our Shungite straight from the mine. You can use our Shungite products as tools to protect yourself against negative radiation at home or at your workplace. Place Shungite near all electronic devices: television, computer, laptop microwaves, radio receivers, Wi-Fi hot spots to neutralize any EMFs.

We offer Shungite stones and a selection of Shungite products including: