Shungite Heart Pendant

Shungite Heart Pendant

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Shungite is an ancient stone known for its protective energies. The stone's color can vary from a rich shade of bronze to almost black. It can help to release feelings of self-doubt, guilt, or shame. It's a powerful tool for water purification: it is proven to remove organic and inorganic substances, harmful bacteria including E.coli, and heavy metals from contaminated water.

Benefits of wearing the Shungite Heart Pendant:

  • has strong antioxidant properties
  • reduces inflammation
  • aids allergies
  • relieves stress and fatigue
  • boosts physical wellbeing and the immune system
  • reduces mental clutter and confusion
  • absorbs negative energy
  • helps to let go of old beliefs
  • dissolves energy blockages
Shungite Heart Pendant is made of genuine Shungite, its approximate size is 1.75x1.75 inches. Flat.

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