Office Jobs and Radiation From Computers

It is already well-known that computers and laptops emit electromagnetic radiation which can be harmful to our beings. The harmful electromagnetic radiation impacts not only our bodies but also our emotional and mental health and well-being.

There is an increasing number of people who have developed Electromagnetic Sensitivity.

Long-term exposure to EMFs has been linked to the development of severe chronic diseases. Electromagnetic fields (often mentioned as EMFs) are part of the physical world. Electric and magnetic fields occur naturally within our bodies with nerve and muscle activity. Our Planet has a magnetic field and natural electric fields in the atmosphere.

Most people are exposed on a daily basis to man-made EMFs from a wide range of sources including:

  • computers, tablets, and laptops
  • cell phones
  • Wi-Fi
  • electric meters from our houses

Solutions to Reduce Your EMF Radiation Exposure

Studies also link EMF radiation to premature aging. Experts say that if we want to feel good and look good, the best solution is to reduce our EMF exposure, but what can be done if we have a job that requires four to eight hours spent in front of a computer or laptop? Even if you don't have the symptoms of Electromagnetic Sensitivity, here are some tips you can use to mitigate EMF pollution:

Avoid body contact with your laptop or computer - Try not to have bodily contact with your PC, tablet or laptop. Don't put your laptop on your lap while working.

Get grounded - It's simple. Put your bare feet on the ground and allow them to soak up the Earth's negatively-charged electrons that can help clean up positively-charged, harmful electrons. The highest positive ion readings are found in office buildings. This efficient method will create balance in your inner electrical circuitry.

Use crystals - There are crystals and gemstones that can help reduce or neutralize the effects of EMF exposure.

The most efficient crystals to protect against EMF radiation are:

  • Shungite - a highly effective crystal that is scientifically proven to shield, absorb and transform the EMF radiation.
  • Black Tourmaline - another stone that efficiently protects us against EMFs.

Create a low EMF place - Most houses and offices have Wi-Fi. If you live in a city, you probably have at least 10 or so individual wireless networks in range of your PC. Another simple way to reduce EMF pollution is to turn off your Wi-Fi whenever you are not using it or use hardwired internet.

Have your cell phone and PC free moments - Have a designated time when you completely disconnect from modern technology. Do that on your breaks. Enjoy a cup of tea, a few moments of relaxation, do some stretching, take a walk in the nearest park, read a book, or practice yoga and meditation. This will increase your vitality.

How to Attract Positive Energies in Your Office?

Place Black Tourmaline spheres and Shungite pyramids, in each of the four corners of your office with small bowls of salt to soak up negative energies. Place them also on your desk to bring pure energies and protect you. If you work in the same office with others and it's not possible to cleanse the whole ambiance, place Black Tourmaline and Shungite on and under your desk and on the top of your computer or laptop. Use sage smudging once in a while, with the intention of dispelling the harmful energies, if smoke is not allowed in your office use other cleansing methods. You can use Selenite to purify the energies of the ambiance or smudging sprays. Wear crystal jewelry, it's not only beautiful, but it can also bring pure, elevated energies into your aura.

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