Shungite Cube - small
Shungite Cube - small

Shungite Cube - small

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This small Shungite cube combines the stone’s and the cube shape’s benefits. Shungite, an ancient mineral is known for its unique structure; contains almost all minerals from the periodic table and 60-90% spherical carbon molecules, hollow carbon cages, the Fullerenes. The most important benefit of this Shungite cube is that offers protection against harmful EMFs coming from electronic devices such as cell phones, laptops. The cube shape has also several benefits; brings stability and grounding.

Uses and benefits of the Shungite Cube:

  • neutralizes harmful EMFs from the environment
  • attracts abundance and wealth
  • it’s an efficient tool for manifesting techniques
  • brings stability and a sense of security
  • cleanses, disinfects, and mineralizes the water
  • it’s a stylish home decor element
Note: Our new batch of small shungite cubes are mat. Not polished to a shine.

Small Shungite cube made of authentic Shungite (60% carbon) ordered directly from the Russian mine, approximately 1.25x1.25 inches.

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