Shungite Merkaba small

Shungite Merkaba small

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A Shungite Merkaba-shaped crystal is an efficient tool that can help us reach our full potential. Shungite is a rare, several billion years old mineral made mainly of carbon, hollow carbon cages, known as Fullerenes.

Uses and benefits of Shungite Merkaba:

  • helps to experience expanded awareness
  • connects us with our Higher Self
  • awakens elevated states of consciousness
  • aids in advanced Reiki practices
  • aids traveling in astral realms
  • excellent tool for Mer-Ka-Ba visualizations
  • protects against EMF radiation
  • cleanses and purifies water
 Approximate size 1.5x1.5 inches Merkaba made of authentic Shungite. High-quality Shungite product with 60% carbon content. Ordered directly from the Russian mine.


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