Crystal Grids: Meaning & Guide

Crystal grids combine crystals, gemstones, sacred geometrical forms, and positive intentions to expand the power and energy of the crystals in a highly effective way.

Each crystal has its own energy, qualities, and properties but when crystals are part of a carefully constructed grid the effects are much more powerful.

A crystal grid is a predefined set of crystals and gemstones arranged in a specific sacred geometrical structure to achieve a synergistic effect for a particular purpose.

Why do you need a crystal grid? The answer is simple, because it has faster, stronger effects that last longer than just using crystals alone. There are a few steps to follow in setting up a crystal grid, but the whole process is simple and easy.

Crystal grids typically have the following components:

  • The Focus Stone - located in the center of the grid to attract, focus and amplify universal energies
  • Way Stones - take, amplify and modify the attracted energies
  • Desire Stones - gather the energy that has been focused by the Focus Stone and Way Stones and tune it to the desired outcome of the crystal grid
  • The Path - is derived from the grid shape and contains the lines of energy that flow through the grid from the Focus Stone, through the Way Stones, to the Desire Stones, connecting the stones to the Patterns of Life.
  • The Visual - crystal grids should be built on a Visual, that's a print that acts as a background scene to amplify the effects of the grid.

How to Use a Crystal Grid

When you finished building the grid, you need to activate it and then place it in a location that is connected to its use. Crystal grids are portable, you can take them with you anywhere you like.

When you buy a Crystal Grid Kit, that must contain instructions on how you build, activate, and use it. The specifics of each crystal grid differ, but the concept is the same.

It is simple: a crystal grid resonates with universal energies, attracts them, focuses and aligns them to specific purposes. You'll need to be in a receptive state when working with a crystal grid. Crystal grids can be used for various purposes. There are different types of Crystal Grids, including:

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