Crystal Grid Kit for Wealth and Prosperity

When you want to get tuned to the energies of wealth and prosperity there are a few powerful stones that can be used to achieve your goal. However, it is much more efficient to work with a crystal grid than just using crystals. Creating a crystal grid to attract wealth and prosperity with a clear intention is faster and more powerful.

By arranging crystals and gemstones in a sacred geometrical form and placing the grid in a pure space, you'll have a powerful tool that will do its work. Your crystal grid for wealth and prosperity will not be a magical instrument that will make you rich overnight, but it will be a powerful aid to attract the energies of wealth and prosperity.

Placed in a specific geometrical pattern, that resonates with your goal, it will amplify the properties of the selected stones, resulting in stronger effects.

Crystal Grids for Wealth at the Village Rock Shop

In our shop, we offer everything you need to create your crystal grid. We can help you select the crystals. Here are the most powerful stones that resonate with abundance and prosperity:

  • Pyrite - attracts wealth and new opportunities
  • Green Aventurine - gambler's stone, the stone of opportunity
  • Green Jade - is known as the stone of wealth and prosperity
  • Tiger's Eye - helps in finding creative solutions for financial problems
  • Citrine - stone of self-confidence success and prosperity
  • Clear Quartz - placed in a grid amplifies the energies of the other stones

How to attract wealth and prosperity with a crystal grid?

When there is an energy you want to attract in your life, a crystal grid can support its manifestation. Create your grid and place it in a special area - on your altar or in your Feng Shui wealth corner. Using your crystal grid for wealth to attract prosperity in your life is simple. There are a few steps you should follow to cleanse the crystals and activate them. At the Village Rock Shop, we offer complete crystal grid kits for wealth and prosperity. You'll just have to follow the steps from the description and you'll be able to set up your crystal grid.