Crystal Grid Kit for Healing

Using crystal grids that can help during the healing process is more efficient than using only crystals or gemstones. By setting a clear intention and arranging them in different patterns you will benefit not only from the properties of the selected gemstones but also from the effects of the sacred geometrical forms.

Some crystals are believed to cleanse and heal the physical body, others to act on the emotional level or clear mental blocks.

The following crystals and gemstones, known for their amazing properties, can be used to create a healing crystal grid:

A healing crystal grid kit it's not a magical tool that will make you perfectly healthy overnight, but it will be a powerful aid in your healing process.?

Crystal Grids for Healing at the Village Rock Shop

Placed in a specific geometrical form the crystals' healing properties will be amplified resulting in quicker and stronger effects. You can place your crystal grid for healing under your bed while sleeping, under the massage table, or under the bed while you receive or perform energy healing. At the Village Rock Shop, we offer everything you need for your Crystal Grid. We can help you choose powerful crystals for healing and show you how to lay them out in a geometric pattern - spiral, square, circle, rhomboid, triangle or any other geometrical form you prefer or resonate with.

Creating your Crystal Grid for healing is a spiritual act, therefore we recommend you to cleanse the space before you start to create it. One of the easiest ways to do it is by smudging and for that, you can purchase from our shop smudging kits or smudging sprays.