Crystal Grid Kit for Protection

Crystal Grid Kits are a powerful tool used for various purposes. Crystal Grid Kits combine gemstones, crystals, Sacred Geometry with focused intentions to create and amplify high-frequency, pure energy flows. Working with a clear intention while using the grid helps you align with the selected sacred geometry forms and gemstones' vibration. This magnified energy is projected through the crystals and planted within you. Your Crystal grid can amplify the power of the crystals to protect the space or to direct positive, protective energies toward someone else. By placing the crystals in a specific and intentional pattern, you can manifest results faster with more efficiency.

Crystal Grid Kits consist of all that you need to create a protective grid:

  • Crystals
  • Clear Quartz pointers
  • Clear Quartz
  • Directions on how to set it up
  • Description of the crystals
  • A positive affirmation

How Can I Use My Crystal Grid for Protection?

There are a few simple but efficient ways to use a Crystal Grid to protect you from negative energies - negative thoughts, intentions, or EMFs. You can place your crystal grid:

  • Under the massage table, during massage or energy healing sessions
  • Under the bed, while you rest or sleep
  • Under your chair or desk while you work
  • On your altar or another sacred place

How Can I Create a Crystal Grid for Protection?

At the Village Rock Shop, you'll find everything you need for your grid. The principle is simple: you choose powerful crystals for protection and lay them out in a geometric pattern. The crystals are charged with energy to offer protection. You can arrange them in different patterns - spiral, wheel, square, rectangle, circle, rhomboid, triangle or any other type of design you prefer or resonate with.
We offer carefully selected stones that can be used to create a protection grid, including:

Manifest your intention before you start placing the stones into a grid pattern.
Creating a crystal grid is a sacred act, therefore is recommended to purify the place before you start to create it. One of the easiest ways to do it is by smudging; for that, you can purchase from our shop smudging kits or sprays.