Selenite Moon Bowl small

Selenite Moon Bowl small

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Size: approximately 4 x 2 inches.

Our crystal bowls are made of carved and polished gemstones. These magical, beautiful bowls make an aesthetic display in your home. You can place jewelry, keys, or other small crystals in them. Because of their powerful vibration, selenite bowls can cleanse and recharge your other gemstones and jewelry while bringing harmony and happiness in your home.

The selenite moon bowl can:

  • bring healing
  • cleanse energy
  • bring awareness
  • radiate light energy
  • clean the chakras
  • be a good aid for meditation
  • open the crown and third eye chakra
  • send you the energy you need
  • be excellent for spiritual practice
  • amplify the energy of other crystals
  • bring mental clarity
  • be used in grids
  • help us connect with angels
  • bring peace
  • dispel negativity from your mind
  • bring a positive attitude
  • bring confidence
  • strengthen the memory
  • bring luck
  • bring mental, emotional balance
  • sweep away low-vibrational energies
  • bring purification on all levels
  • enhance feminine power
  • be a perfect aid in spiritual growth
  • bring pure white light in the environment
  • bring confidence in our abilities
  • help us become more flexible
  • open up our consciousness to the Divine
  • remove negative energy
  • remove energy blocks from our bodies
  • be perfect for protection
  • remove unwanted energy from other crystals

Note: Sizes slightly vary as all crystals are different and unique. You will receive 1 item similar to the image posted.


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