How to use my selenite bowl?

Because Selenite has a very high vibration and remarkable properties, you can use your bowl made of this mineral for many purposes. Due to their beautiful appearance, Selenite bowls make aesthetic displays in your home. You can also place your crystal jewelry or small crystals in them to cleanse and recharge them. Selenite resonates with the energies of the Moon bringing harmony to your home. You can use your Selenite bowl for home decor, crystal cleansing, protection, energy healing, or meditation.

Best uses of selenite bowls

Selenite bowls are some of our most popular products not only because of the astonishing appearance of the mineral but also for their versatility. There are several simple ways to enjoy these Selenite products' beauty and harness their energy. Here are some of the most common uses of Selenite bowls:

Display Selenite bowls in your home and workplace

As an exquisite mineral, Selenite is perfect for home decor. Selenite bowls are eye-catching and come with pure vibrations offering strong protection against negative energies. We recommend placing your Selenite bowls in your home, as they resonate with light and purity, facilitate connection to the higher realms, and create a protective aura around your home.

  • Placed in the living room, Selenite will create a peaceful, warm and welcoming atmosphere.
  • A Selenite bowl placed on your nightstand can help you sleep better, as the mineral helps with insomnia and eliminates nightmares.
  • If you want to benefit from the protection of Selenite at all times, keep your Selenite bowls nearby, and place one on your work desk to provide you with mental clarity and elevate your spirit.
  • You can also place a Selenite bowl near your entrance door to ward off unwanted energies or clear any negative energy you have encountered and brought home with you throughout your day.

Cleanse and recharge your crystals and crystal jewelry

Each Selenite product comes with powerful cleansing properties. Selenite charging bowls represent a significant energy source of energy for other crystals. Whenever you feel that your crystals or gemstone jewelry don't radiate the same powerful energy as before, use your Selenite bowls to cleanse and recharge them.

Use your Selenite bowl for yoga, meditation, and relaxation

Selenite has high vibration energy and facilitates the connection to higher realms, angelic realms, and resonates and resonates with the soft feminine energies of the Moon, with light and purity. Place your Selenite bowl in your meditation corner, on your yoga mat, or place it above your head during relaxation to harness the mineral's soft, soothing energies.

Energy healing and balancing

Another significant benefit of Selenite is removing stagnant energies and blockages, cleansing the aura. Selenite is known as one of those minerals that naturally transmutes negative energy. These properties make Selenite so beneficial for energy healing. Many of our customers keep their Selenite bowls in the room where they perform energy healing sessions, massage, or Reiki. 

Inspired gifts for any occasion

Selenite bowls are perfect gifts for crystal lovers, collectors, and crystal workers. These beautiful bowls can be inspired gifts for any occasion: