How to cleanse and activate my crystal bowl?

There are 3 steps you should follow before using your newly purchased crystal bowl, namely: cleansing, charging, and programming. Following these 3 basic steps, you can use your bowl as desired, such as:

  • cleansing and charging bowl for your small crystal collection
  • a recipient for your gemstone jewelry
  • home decor piece
  • natural tool for energy healing

Enhance your crystal bowl’s properties with these simple steps

1. Cleanse your crystal bowl to get rid of impurities and unwanted energies using one or more of the following methods:

  • place it on a previously charged Selenite plate
  • place the bowl under the moonlight
  • leave your bowl under the morning sunlight
  • keep it near large geodes
  • hold it under running cold water
  • burry it in sea salt

2. Charging your crystal bowl is the second step you should follow after cleansing it to maximize its benefits. Use meditation and visualization techniques to charge your crystal bowl with high vibration energies. You can also charge a crystal bowl to enhance its properties by using natural elements such as:

  • sunlight,
  • moonlight
  • large crystals

3. Activate and program your crystal bowl by holding it in your hand, visualizing a white light surrounding it, and infusing its structure, breathe deeply and slowly, then repeat the affirmation related to your intention. During this phase, you program your crystal bowl to give you the benefits you desire, whether that’s gemstone jewelry cleaning, your home’s energy cleaning, or protection against negative influences.