Petrified Wood Bowl - Large
Petrified Wood Bowl - Large

Petrified Wood Bowl - Large

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Our bowls are made of carved and polished Petrified Wood. They make perfect jewelry, keys, or other small crystals holders.
Petrified Wood is fossilized wood that turned into stone underground. The organic material of the Wood has been replaced with minerals; however, it retained the structure of the wood. These beautiful brown-colored stones resonate with the energy of the earth. They make perfect gifts for those who need grounding and vitality.

Benefits of Petrified Wood:

  • dispel stress
  • dissolve fear
  • can bring a sense of security
  • promote grounding
  • aid in energy healing
  • bring transformation
  • can be used as tools for meditation
  • attract abundance
  • promote calmness
  • enhance vitality
  • bring inner strength
  • offer  support during disease
  • bring stability in our lives
  • aid in chakra balancing
  • bring peace of mind
  • make all your worries go away
  • bring a feeling of security
  • activate the Root chakra

Note: All bowls are unique in their own way, there are no two alike. You will receive a Petrified Wood bowl that is similar to the one in the image posted.

Approximate size: 7x6x2 inches. Origin: Indonesia.

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