Selenite Charging Plate

Selenite Charging Plate

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Size: approximately 6 inches wide and 0.5 inches thick.

We would not leave the house without making sure that our cellphones are charged. What about the crystals that can protect us from the electromagnetic field created by the cell phone? This is where the selenite charging plate comes handy. If you like to carry a shungite crystal with you, for EMF protection, you can place it overnight on the charging plate to clear the negative energies and recharge it for the next day. The selenite charging plate is a perfect gift for someone who likes to work with crystals. The selenite can give a quick “facelift” to the stones by simply placing them on the charging plate.

The selenite charging plate can:

  • amplify the energies of other crystals
  • clear stagnant energy
  • get other crystals to vibrate at their full potential
  • make a beautiful display in your home
  • purify the energies around it
  • purify the air in the room is placed in
  • keep our energy aligned and balanced
  • be used to recharge ourselves
  • clear all the chakras
  • bring harmony and peace
  • help us connect with Christ consciousness
  • clear the mind of negative thoughts
  • clean and reactivate jewelry
  • amplify psychic abilities
  • promote mental flexibility
  • assist our body to absorb more calcium and other minerals
  • bring spiritual support for healing
  • be used to clear ritualist and ceremonial tools, or tarot cards
  • be uplifting
  • be a feng-shui tool
  • be an extremely powerful aid for spiritual practice
  • transmit high-frequency light energy
  • be an outstanding tool to use in crystal work
  • program other stones with your intentions
  • be very calming and bring inner peace

Note: All gemstones are unique in their own way, there are no two alike. You will receive 1 crystal that is similar to the one in the image posted.


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