How can I cleanse my selenite?

It’s essential to cleanse your Selenite right after you purchase it as it may carry negative energies, absorbed from the places where it was stored or from the people who touched it. Selenite is known for its self-cleansing property; crystal enthusiasts also widely use it to cleanse and recharge other crystals. However, if you still want to cleanse it from time to time, never submerge it in water as it is water-soluble. Saltwater is even more damaging to this mineral, as salt is corrosive and abrasive.

The safest ways to cleanse your Selenite

Selenite will fascinate you with its soft, gentle vibe and beautiful appearance. However, being a soft mineral it can be damaged easily. You can't cleanse it with water, salt or salted water, therefore, the safest ways to cleanse your Selenite products are the following:

  • Smudging - when passing the mineral through the smoke of a burning smudging stick or bundle
  • Cleanse it with the sound from a Tibetan singing bowl or bell
  • Leave Selenite in the morning sunlight only for 30 minutes
  • Place the mineral on the windowsill in the moonlight overnight
  • Visualize your Selenite infused by bright white light