Palo Santo and Selenite Bundle
Palo Santo and Selenite Bundle

Palo Santo and Selenite Bundle

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This is a very powerful bundle for removing unwanted negative energy and for bringing healing, harmony, and good fortune in your home. Palo santo or holly wood is one of the most fragrant woods in the world and has been used for centuries for healing and protection. This mystical South American tree combined with selenite can be a significant powerhouse! Together they amplify each other's effects. The smoke produced by smudging can be used as a cleansing mechanism before meditation or to clear the environment. Please do not leave a burning or smoldering stick unattended.

The palo santo and selenite bundle can:

  • bring love and balance
  • enhance mental clarity
  • bring positive energy
  • restore tranquility
  • enhance creativity
  • reduce stress and anxiety
  • be a perfect aid in meditation
  • enhance concentration
  • bring peace
  • have a grounding effect
  • remove stagnant energy
  • bring protection
  • bring joy
  • relieve headaches
  • be uplifting
  • be good for spiritual purification
  • assist in raising our vibration
  • increase relaxation
  • be used for anointing
  • be used to cleanse the aura
  • accelerate positive transformation
  • help stabilize our emotions
  • bring light into the energetic bodies
  • help expand awareness
  • be used in shamanic rituals
  • bring a deeper connection to the Divine
  • be used in healing ceremonies
  • assist in relieving symptoms of colds
  • be used to cleanse other crystals
  • be used to clarify your intentions
  • help to communicate with spirit guides
  • be used to clean jewelry
  • help to communicate with angels
  • be used to seal positive intentions

Comes with 4 Palo Santo Sticks (approximately 4.5 x 0.5 inches each), 1 raw selenite wand, sage leaves and herbs or flowers.

Note: All bundles are a little different; sometimes they contain a dried rosebud or lavender.


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