Let Go Handmade Travel Candle

Let Go Handmade Travel Candle

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Size: 2 oz tin.

Contains Soy Wax, Eucalyptus Oil, Lavender Oil and Plant, Rosemary Oil and Plant, Selenite Crystals.

This is an amazing combination of pure health, and perfect aid to create an ambiance of relaxation and help you unwind after a busy, stressful day. It makes a beautiful gift also! Let’s talk about the benefits of each ingredient. The soy wax is much better for your health than paraffin candles. It burns longer, produces much less soot, doesn’t interfere with the aromas, and the quality of the air, is much better for your health and it won’t ruin your walls! Eucalyptus oil has a refreshing aroma that promotes purification. Lavender oil is relaxing, calming, and balancing, both emotionally and physically. And last but not least, the selenite crystal with powerful purification and energy cleansing effects. In conclusion, you have a powerhouse combination, that brings you peace and calm and helps get rid of the negative energies of the day. Extra benefit: comes in travel size to be able to have it with you anywhere you go.

This magical candle can:

  • be uplifting
  • help release anger and resentment
  • clear the aura of negative energy build-up
  • improve concentration and mental acuity
  • alleviate insomnia
  • be balancing
  • release nervous tension
  • be a good guard against infections
  • promote wellbeing
  • bring good health
  • relieve headaches
  • open up our being towards higher vibrations
  • bring clarity
  • bring inner peace
  • be deeply relaxing
  • be a good aid in meditation
  • bring inspiration
  • help you get in a more productive mindset
  • help you feel refreshed
  • relieve stress
  • be the perfect aid for your relaxation routine
  • soothe the soul
  • increase self-awareness
  • reduce anxiety
  • induce a quality sleep

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