Velvet Fluorite Bracelet
Velvet Fluorite Bracelet

Velvet Fluorite Bracelet

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Velvet Fluorite is also known as Silky Fluorite. This beautiful stone has a magical internal structure of perfection creating a frequency that clears the mind. It is a stone for soul work, helps expand consciousness, and deepens spiritual practice. Velvet Fluorite activates the Crown Chakra, enhancing one's psychic abilities and guiding one to see the reality and the truth behind the illusion.

Benefits of wearing the Velvet Flourite bracelet:

  • helps attract new opportunities
  • increases feminine energies
  • cuts through the mental clutter
  • enhances intuition and creativity
  • stimulates the Third Eye Chakra
  • facilitates concentration
  • removes confusion and negativity
  • clears energy fields
  • increases life-force
  • balances the brain's hemispheres
  • protects against disease
  • brings optimism
  • promotes spiritual growth
  • confers calmness
  • enhances mental acuity

Note: All Velvet Fluorite bracelets are unique in their own way, there are no two alike. You will receive one Velvet Fluorite bracelet similar to the one in the posted images.

Stretchy bracelet with 6mm size beads.

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