How to cleanse my gemstone bracelet?

There are several easy methods to cleanse your gemstone bracelet at home. Which method you use should not depend only on which is the easiest for you. It's essential to consider the structure and the properties of the gemstones.

Crystals and gemstones can absorb energies from the environment as they get in contact with other stones, objects or human beings. Therefore, if you don't want negative vibes to come with your newly purchased bracelets, cleanse them before you start wearing them. It's also essential to cleanse them once in a while because crystals and gemstones can absorb and store low-frequency energies, and they need to be cleaned at regular intervals. How often you cleanse your bracelets depends on how often you wear them. The simplest way to cleanse and charge them daily is to place them on a Selenite slice, plate, or bowl and leave it there overnight.

Simple methods to cleanse your gemstone bracelet at home

  • Cold running water - hold your bracelet under cold running water for a few minutes or until the bracelet feels lighter and clearer.
  • Salt - salt absorbs negative energies from the environment. Fill a bowl with sea salt, place your gemstone bracelet on top, then cover it with a clean cotton cloth and leave it there.
  • Salted water - if you live near a sea or an ocean, use fresh seawater to cleanse your bracelet. You can make salted water by adding a tablespoon of sea salt into a bowl of water. Submerge your bracelet in the water for 24 hours. Never cleanse bracelets made of soft, porous stones like Selenite, Calcite, Malachite, Angelite, or Lepidolite with water.
  • Sunlight - place your gemstone bracelet on a windowsill under sunlight, be aware that some stones like Amethyst can change their color when placed under intense sunlight.

Safe cleansing methods for all types of gemstone bracelets

Smudging is a simple cleansing method, suitable for all types of gemstones. Shamans from various cultures have long used smudging for cleansing. You can burn herb bundles or sticks and cleanse your gemstone bracelet in their smoke. Cleansing with other crystals is the easiest cleansing method, and it's very efficient. Place your gemstone bracelet on a large Amethyst geode or Clear Quartz cluster and leave it there overnight. You can also place your bracelets on the windowsill on and around Full Moon night, to cleanse them under the clear moonlight.

Use some of these products to cleanse your gemstone bracelets:

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