Super 7 Bracelet

Super 7 Bracelet

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The Super 7 bracelet contains seven crystals: Smoky Quartz, Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Lepidocrocite, Rutile, Cacoxenite, and Goethite. The Super 7 stones are high vibration stones that will help awaken your life force energy and strengthen the inner power, helping to bring out the hidden potential in everyone. The stones enhance self-development by strengthening one's mental and willpower.

The benefits of wearing the Super 7 bracelet:

  • Smoky Quartz infuses your aura with pure energy, promotes stability, increases mental focus, brings emotional balance, reduces depression, dispels negative energies, and balances the root chakra.
  • Clear Quartz enhances emotional stability, helps manifestation, brings focus and clarity, helps to see the truth, amplifies energy and thought, stimulates the immune system, draws off negative energy and brings the body into balance.
  • Amethyst infuses the aura with peaceful energy, relieves stress, reduces anxiety, dispels negative energies, aids in sleep problems, promotes mental clarity, enhances intuition, and energizes the third eye chakra.
  • Lepidocrocite has a soothing vibration, calms ADHD and hyperactivity, helps heal the inner child, helps contact angels and spirit guides, and supports the thymus.
  • Rutile is an illuminator for the soul, promotes spiritual growth, cleanses and energizes the aura, draws off negative energy and disease, protects against negative energies, soothes dark moods, acts as an antidepressant, relieves fears, phobias and anxiety, and promotes forgiveness.
  • Cacoxenite raises the spiritual awareness of the human race, encourages conscious awareness, reprograms the body’s cells to renew themselves continually, revitalizes the mind, and clears the third eye and crown chakras.
  • Goethite helps with grief, has a strong grounding effect, heals raw emotion, helps open up to love, and compassion facilitates contacting spirit guides and helps release past life energies that no longer benefit.

Note: All gemstone bracelets are unique and there are no two alike. You will receive a gemstone bracelet similar to the one in this image. 8mm size beads. Stretchy bracelet.

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