Rainbow Moonstone Bracelet
Rainbow Moonstone Bracelet

Rainbow Moonstone Bracelet

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Rainbow Moonstone or Madagascar Labradorite is a variety of Labradorite with flashy, colorful rainbows. It is also known as White Labradorite and emanates calming and relaxing energies that resonate with the powers of the Moon. It is connected to the Divine Feminine and the Goddess Energy. The gemstone can help you to find new ways to express yourself and shine your unique light into the world.

Benefits of wearing Rainbow Moonstone bracelets:

  • enhances intuition
  • brings inspiration
  • confers feminine insight
  • encourages creative abilities
  • promotes freedom of expression
  • balances emotions
  • activates the chakras
  • supports free energy flow
  • soothes the nerves
  • enhances mental clarity
  • protects the aura from negative vibes

Note: All Rainbow Moonstone bracelets are unique, and there are no two alike. You will receive a Rainbow Moonstone bracelet similar to this image. The bracelet has 8 mm beads and a stretchy string.

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