Golden Healer and Fire Quartz Bracelet

Golden Healer and Fire Quartz Bracelet

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Golden Healer Crystals bring the golden light of the universal life force to flow through the Crown Chakra into the body, clearing blockages. It is a "master healer" crystal, increasing the benefits of other stones and gems. It can align chakras and magnify the flow of energy through the body.

Fire Quartz is hematoid quartz that charges the Root Chakra with the energy of fire. It will help realize dreams and desires or take courageous steps in a new direction.

Healing properties of this beautiful combination bracelet:

  • Golden Healer is used for activating the energy centers, cleansing the whole chakra system, improving determination, and enhancing the feelings of joy, peace, and oneness, activating healing on all levels.
  • Fire Quartz has grounding and stabilizing properties, enhances focus and concentration, brings clarity, raises self-esteem, stimulates healing and removes toxins from the body, aligns The Root Chakra to the Crown Chakra, and helps to reconnect with our true and highest self.
Note: All gemstone bracelets are unique and there are no two alike. You will receive a gemstone bracelet similar to the one in this image. 8mm size beads.

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