Flower Agate Bracelet 6mm
Flower Agate Bracelet 6mm

Flower Agate Bracelet 6mm

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Flower Agate crystals come from Madagascar. The stone’s soft, feminine energy ignites passion to pursue your dreams and live life to the fullest. Flower Agate towers are perfect crystal tools for entrepreneurs growing and flourishing their business, or for starting new endeavors in their life. Its shape makes it perfect for manifesting, set your intensions to focus its energy on achieving your goals.

Flower Agate properties:

  • comforting and grounding
  • restoring emotional balance,
  • helps in emotional recovery.
  • activating and connecting the Root and Heart chakras
  • reignite love
  • brings serenity and joy
  • encourage self-growth,
  • helps in manifesting dreams

Stretchy bracelet, 6 mm size beads.

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