Clear Quartz Bracelet

Clear Quartz Bracelet

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Clear Quartz is one of the most potent healing and energy-amplifying stones due to its unique helical spiral crystalline form. It can absorb, store and release energy, which is excellent for unblocking stuck energy flow, bringing the body into balance. Clear Quartz cleanses and supports the organs, enhancing their connection to the subtle body. Because of its capability to connect to the higher realms, the crystal acts as a deep soul cleanser.

Benefits of wearing the Clear Quartz bracelet:

  • enhances psychic abilities
  • aids concentration
  • unlocks memory
  • boosts the immune system
  • harmonizes the body
  • confers balance
  • balances the chakras
  • aligns the subtle bodies
  • opens clairvoyance
  • amplifies the effect of other crystals

Note: All gemstone bracelets are unique in their own way, there are no two alike. You will receive 1 crystal bracelet that is similar to the ones in the images posted.

Stretchy bracelet with 8mm beads size.

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