Angel Hair Rutilated Quartz Bracelet
Angel Hair Rutilated Quartz Bracelet

Angel Hair Rutilated Quartz Bracelet

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Rutilated quartz is a unique variety of quartz containing needle-like inclusions of rutile, a mineral composed primarily of titanium dioxide or iron oxide. It can be either smoky or clear and sometimes even black. When the iron oxide in rutile quartz is significant, the inclusions have a redder and often golden tone, looking like strands of golden hair. It's why the gemstone is named angel’s hair quartz. Because rutilated quartz is composed of both rutile and quartz, it contains the healing properties and benefits of both. This combined energy is so exceptional that it is said to channel divine inspiration.

Benefits of wearing the Rutilated Quartz bracelet:

  • helps visualize our life's path
  • cleanses the aura
  • unblocks the energy field
  • clears the Heart Chakra
  • removes residual trauma
  • increases inner strength
  • strengthens physical and emotional health
  • facilitates spiritual growth
  • stimulates creativity
  • heightens intuition
  • emanates soothing energy
  • intensifies vitality

Note: All gemstone bracelets are unique and there are no two alike. You will receive a gemstone bracelet similar to the one in this image.

Stretchy bracelet with 6mm size beads.

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