How to Use and Activate Crystals and Stones

People have used crystals for various purposes since ancient times, and nowadays, the popularity of these amazing stones is continuously increasing.

In this blog, we will present a few aspects of how to charge, activate, and use crystals. There are countless ways to use crystals and enjoy their benefits, but know that it is essential to cleanse your newly purchased crystals before use, not only of physical impurities but also of energies absorbed from the environment.

Crystals have unique properties depending on their chemical composition, structure, and where and how they were formed. These wonderful stones can be programmed for various purposes as each one of them carry specific energies. Some crystal workers consider that crystals carry different programs engraved in their structure; therefore, there is no need to program them as they "do their work" without our intervention.

Use the Energy of Powerful Crystals to Charge and Activate Your Stones

However, we believe that there's no harm in expressing your purest intention and using some of the following methods before working with crystals. These simple methods will help you recharge and energize your stones from time to time.

1. Placing crystals in a crystal grid - these grids are powerful crystal structures programmed by setting clear intentions. You can also use your grid to activate crystals by pointing other crystals towards the one you want to charge and activate. Crystal grids are usually created on sacred geometrical forms which can also help to activate the crystals you wish to use.

2. Selenite and Crystal Quartz can cleanse and charge other crystals. Using Selenite or Clear Quartz is one of the easiest ways to charge and activate; you need to place your crystals on a Selenite bowl, plate, or slice and leave them overnight. You can also place your crystals on large Clear Quartz clusters or near tower generators to enhance their energy.

Charge and Activate Your Stones with the Energy of the Earth, Sun, and Moon

1. Bury your crystals in the ground to infuse them with the earth's healing energies, choose a clean place that is not under cultivation and mark the spot where you have buried your stones.

2. Bathe your crystals in moonlight or sunlight - depending on your intention, you can place your stones under the moonlight when it's Full Moon, or under the sunlight, especially in mornings as the morning sun is less intense as there are crystals that can be damaged when exposed to intense sunlight.

You can choose the way you charge and activate your stones depending on your intention as they can:

  • Support in your healing process
  • Help to balance the chakras
  • Cleanse the space
  • Attract abundance
  • Attract loving relationships
  • Inspire you at work

Spiritual Techniques You Can Use to Charge and Activate Crystals

1. Charge your crystal with prayer or meditation - hold your crystal between your hands and focus on infusing it with pure energy emanating from your higher chakras through your arms and fingers into the crystal.

2. Reiki - if you are familiar with Reiki techniques, you can use them to charge your crystals.

3. Angels and spiritual guides - ask your guardian angel or invoke spirit guides to help you charge and activate your crystals.

Crystals are programmable and we can transfer our intentions to our crystals:

  • place your crystal between your hands
  • invoke a beautiful state such as love, happiness, or gratitude to raise your vibration
  • silently transmit your clear intention to your crystal

How to Use Your Crystals

Before deciding on what crystals to purchase for your personal use, you should know some essential aspects. The size of the crystals does matter, as larger crystals generate and emanate more energy. The shape of the crystals also matters as each crystal shape has a specific energy.

Larger crystal clusters or geodes radiate more powerful energies, while tumbled stones or smaller raw crystals have softer radiation. For maximum effect, keep your crystal in direct contact with your skin.

Simple ways to use your crystals:

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