Best Crystals for New Moon

New moons in all zodiac signs resonate with new beginnings. It is an ideal period to set intentions and plans of action.

Knowing when is the new Moon in a particular zodiac sign, you can align your intentions to it and use the energies of each New Moon to your benefit.

How to channel the energy of this special Moon phase?

There are several ways to do that and using crystals is one of them. You can use them for mediation, yoga practices or to enhance the effectiveness of your New Moon purification or manifesting rituals.

Wearing crystals or using them for new moon rituals can work wonders for fulfilling your goals. So, let's see what crystals are good to have nearby during the New Moon.

Crystals for New Moon in Aries

New moons in Aries are considered very beneficial. It is the best period for new plans and new beginnings.

It's an excellent opportunity to start a new cycle of life by following your heart and your intuition.

The dynamic energies of this Moon phase will give you all the support you need.

So make a bucket list, set intentions, and use crystals to help you set your intentions and start anew during this astrological moment.

Recommended crystals for New Moon in Aries:

Crystals for New Moon in Taurus

New Moon in Taurus is also beneficial most of the time. Taurus is governed by Venus, the planet of love, beauty, arts, and pleasures. You can start any projects you have related to these areas of your life.

Crystals and stones to help you channel the energies of this Moon phase:

This is an excellent time to invest in new crystal jewelry pieces, you will be inspired to find the most beautiful jewelry that resonates with you. Celebrate this Moon phase by creating a beautiful crystal grid to attract more love and harmony in your relationships.

Crystals for New Moon in Gemini

New Moon in Gemini is perfect for starting a financial or intellectual project. It is an excellent period for signing up for new courses, studying, passing exams, and expanding your intellectual horizons.

The energy of the Gemini New Moon and carefully selected crystals will give you the energetic support you need to achieve success in your intellectual projects.

We recommend the following stones to help you channel the energies of the New Moon in Gemini:

Best Crystals for New Moon in Cancer

This moon phase is very beneficial for emotional healing and balancing. Moon is the planetary ruler of the Cancer zodiac sign, crystals with a soft, gentle energy are helpful during this period to heal past traumas.

New Moon in Cancer and the following crystals will help you become more centered and balanced.

Recommended stones during this Moon phase are:

It is also a good time to purchase new crystals for your collection. Selenite is one of the stones that strongly resonate with the Moon and can be used to cleanse and recharge your crystals.

Best Crystals for New Moon in Leo

The new Moon in Leo is perfect to set your goals that require some good luck and prosperity. Projects that require strength and stamina like fitness, martial arts, winning competitions, and expanding your influence base are good to start when the New Moon is transiting through Leo. The following crystals can enhance the energy of the new Moon in Leo helping you to benefit the most from this astrological moment:

Each one of these crystals has the power to attract and transmit specific energies that can help you use this astrological moment for your own well-being.

Best Crystals for New Moon in Virgo

New Moon in Virgo is another beneficial period to start materialistic goals like financial gain, or starting a new business. It is also a good time to adopt a healthy diet and a daily fitness routine.

This Moon phase will give you the strength and determination to stick with your new healthy habits.

Use the following crystals for your Virgo New Moon manifestation rituals:

VRS tip: make a crystal grid for weight loss or use crystals for manifestation techniques to attract abundance and prosperity.

Best Crystals for New Moon in Libra

New Moon in Libra, brings more focus on our romantic relationships. It is a very good astrological moment to start a new romantic relationship, to go on a romantic date with your significant one, and to work on attracting harmony and kindness into your love life.

The New Moon in Libra brings an invitation for you to pamper yourself through self-care routines.

Use the following crystals in Libra New Moon rituals to attract love, and harmony in your life:

One of the best ways to celebrate this Moon phase is to create a crystal grid for love with your loved one. The crystal's enhanced energies will attract more love and harmony into your relationship.

Best Crystals for New Moon in Scorpio

Align your passionate goals with the New Moon in Scorpio. It is also an excellent period for karma cleansing and past life regressions.

It is good to start energy healing of the reproductive system during this moon phase to benefit from the Scorpio's intense energy.

The crystals that best fit these intentions are:

The New moon in Scorpio comes with intense erotic energy, so now is the time to spice up your sex life or bring the sparks back to your existing relationship by decorating your bedroom with mineral aphrodisiacs.

Best Crystals for New Moon in Sagittarius

New Moon In Sagittarius is an excellent period for studying, signing up for classes, or traveling. Jupiter, the planetary ruler of this zodiac sign, will help you expand your intellectual and spiritual horizons.

Speaking the truth isn't always easy, but during the New Moon in Sagittarius, you have the energetic support to express what's in your heart; this period renews your sense of adventure.

Make sure to channel the expansive energy of this planet with these crystals:

VRS tip: Display crystal towers on your work desk to help you focus better during your intellectual projects.

Best Crystals for New Moon in Capricorn

The Capricorn New Moon is the perfect period to start long-term projects that require perseverance, responsibility, and inner strength. The crystal that resonates with the Root chakra can be helpful during this Moon phase promoting grounding and vitality.

This astrological moment comes with energetic support in achieving your financial and career success.

The following crystals and stones can help you channel the energies of the New Moon in Capricorn:

Best Crystals for New Moon in Aquarius

Uranus is the planetary ruler of the free-spirited Aquarius.

Wearing crystal jewelry is a wonderful way to channel the energies of this Moon phase.

Aquarius is the sharp-witted, eccentric intellectual of the zodiac, New Moon in this sign will come with fresh energies to support you in any project that requires originality and out-of-the-box thinking.

We recommend using the following crystals for Aquarius New Moon rituals:

Best Crystals for New Moon in Pisces

Pisces is inclined to mysticism, creativity, and romanticism. When the New Moon is in Pisces it is good to start spiritual projects or tasks that require intuition, visualization, and sensitivity.

Now is the perfect time for setting intentions that are in alignment with your soul and your life's purpose.

Use crystals and stones that support your plans during the new Moon in Pisces:

VRS tip: sign up for a yoga class or a spiritual retreat to harness the energies of this astrological moment.

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