Best Crystals for Masculinity & Energy

Most adult men experience issues related to their sexual energy and masculinity at some stage of their lives. Low testosterone, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and sexual depression are some of the most commonly cited problems.

These issues prevent men from enjoying a healthy and harmonious intimate life, often making sexual intercourse challenging. Men usually experience loss of libido and decreased sexual desire during times of increased stress. Still, when these problems occur frequently or become permanent, they will negatively impact almost every aspect of their lives.

How can crystals help men?

  • Crystals can help to reconnect with their masculinity.
  • Crystals attract calming energies, helping men to relax and de-stress.
  • Crystal therapists use them to cleanse and unblock chakras.

Tiger's Eye Can Help Men with Low Testosterone

Testosterone is a hormone necessary for proper muscular development, emotional balance, strong bones, and masculinity. Although various health problems can cause low testosterone levels, the most common cause is aging.

There are various alternative methods that can stimulate testosterone production; using crystals is just one of them.

Tiger's Eye is a well-known stone that resonates with powerful energies. It's believed that it can ward off negative influences and bring good luck. It's one of the best stones to boost masculine energy, willpower, self-confidence, and determination.

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Carnelian Can Help Men with Erectile Dysfunction

Most of the time, erectile dysfunction is treatable; the first step is finding its cause. Once the cause is determined, you can use various alternative methods along with your therapy, including working with crystals. According to energy healers, if you are experiencing erectile dysfunction or low sexual drive, your Sacral Chakra could be unbalanced or blocked.

Carnelian is the best stone that can help stimulate and cleanse the Sacral Chakra. It will also encourage men to engage in intimate contact freely without any inhibitions or shame. Carnelian brings enjoyment, pleasure, enhanced sexual energy, and vitality. It is beneficial in overcoming sexual anxieties, inhibitions, and shame.

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Crystals that Can Help Men Dealing with Andropause

It's known that andropause is caused by a low level of testosterone. With a few lifestyle changes, most men can improve their sexual functions. For example, regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle can help by improving blood and energy flow to their reproductive organs. Men can also use crystals to ease the symptoms of andropause. Crystal therapists recommend setting an intention before using the selected crystals. So, let's see which crystals can help men during "male menopause" or andropause.

How to Use Crystals for Men

Some men don't feel comfortable wearing crystal jewelry. When you want to harness the crystals' energy, wearing them is just one way to go. There are other ways to keep crystals close and connect to their energies, and here are some of them:

  • Carry them in your pocket, touching and holding them throughout the day to connect to their energy.
  • Display them on your work desk to improve focus and concentration during busy hours.
  • Place them on your bedside table as a decor piece that can help you relax and regenerate.
  • Wear small tumbled stones in a little pouch that you can hide under your shirt.
  • Place tumbled stones, crystal slices, palm stones near or under your pillow to protect you from nightmares and get an undisturbed good night's sleep.

Crystals and Gemstones for Men at the Village Rock Shop

Healthy sex life has a direct effect on men's health and overall wellbeing. Surrounding yourself with these powerful crystals is highly beneficial. Every crystal is unique with specific energies and properties.

Trying out different crystals to experience their benefits and influence on your overall well-being and masculine energy can be a gratifying experience. We invite you to visit our webshop and choose your favorite ones from the wide variety of products.

If you can't find the crystal you are looking for, pay us a visit in our Carlsbad-based store or contact us; we might have it in our store for you. Are you new to the crystal world? Let us know. We will gladly assist you with finding the best crystals for your needs.