Raw Chrysoccolla
Raw Chrysoccolla

Raw Chrysoccolla

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Chrysocolla, this beautiful greenish-blue mineral with copper content, is considered to be the stone of wise women worldwide. It helps women share their knowledge, channel their energies creatively and express the beauty of their soul.

Benefits of Chrysocolla:

  • helps to lower blood pressure
  • reduces anxiety
  • helps with menstrual cramps and PMS
  • eases intense cramps
  • supports harmonious pregnancies
  • aids digestion
  • harmonizes tense relationships
  • clears the Throat chakra
  • activates the Heart chakra
  • brings tranquility
  • promotes communication in relationships
  • healing both personal interactions
  • strengthens muscles
  • awakens serenity
  • encourages patience
  • encourages acceptance and tolerance
  • enhances creativity
  • helps to overcome phobias
  • reduces mental tension
  • brings in joy
  • helps with arthritis
  • alleviates muscle spasms
  • aids with osteoporosis
  • detoxifies the liver and kidneys
  • regenerates the pancreas

Note: All raw Chrysocolla pieces are unique in their own way, there are no two alike. You will receive one Chrysocolla that is similar to the ones in the image posted.

Approximately 0.5x1 inches.

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