Prosperity Set - Wisdom and Wealth
Prosperity Set - Wisdom and Wealth

Prosperity Set - Wisdom and Wealth

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Our Crystal Prosperity Set is thoughtfully curated to harness the energies of wisdom and wealth. This set combines the power of carefully selected crystals to support your journey toward financial abundance and enhanced wisdom. To use this Crystal Prosperity Set, place these crystals in your sacred space or carry them with you daily. Meditate with them to set your intentions for wisdom and wealth. Allow the energies of these crystals to guide and support you on your journey to financial abundance and increased wisdom.

The Prosperity Gift Set includes::

  • Sweetgrass smudging braid: Release the past and embrace new energies.
  • Sage and lavender soy wax tealight candle: Ideal for setting intentions and creating a focused and serene atmosphere for personal reflection and manifestation.
  • Citrine crystal: Often called the "Merchant's Stone," Citrine is a powerful crystal for attracting wealth, abundance, and prosperity. It also brings positivity and joy into your financial pursuits.
  • Emerald crystal: Used to enhance one's ability to open the heart, attract love and abundance, and promote emotional well-being.
  • Green tree agate crystal: Brings a sense of balance, growth, and harmony.
  • Serpentine crystal: Associated with transformation and rejuvenation, aiding in shedding old habits and embracing personal growth.
  • Green aventurine crystal: Brings luck, prosperity, and heart-centered healing.

Note: Note: All Sets Vary and there are no two alike. You will receive 1 Set similar to the one in this image.

Do not leave your smudging items or candles unattended while burning.

Size: approximately 3x1.5 inches selenite bowl, and 0.5-1 inches tumbled stones.

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