What crystals should I buy for Valentine’s Day?

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, what better time to think about love than now? No matter if you are planning to offer your loved one a unique gift, boost passion and romance in a relationship, or heal an aching heart, crystals are the answer.

There are many crystals that are believed to be very effective in helping open our hearts to love, and the best ones are the pink and red-colored gems. These colors are associated with passion, romance, calmness, and the heart in general. But, we cannot limit the wide variety of options only to these ones. Green, for example, is another color associated with matters of the heart and compassion.

Crystals to boost love vibes

  • Rose Quartz – of course, the first one on the list is rose quartz, the crystal of love. Its heart-soothing, loving, and gentle energy will boost your self-confidence and attract romance in your life.
  • Moonstone – with its beautiful glow, the dreamy moonstone is perfect for anyone who wants to invite love into their lives or want to energetically connect to their loved one. The stone of eroticism and love, moonstone stimulates carnal desires and assists in the acceptance of love.
  • Rhodochrosite – this crystal works on a hurt heart. It is used to bring fresh energy into your romantic life, calling in a new love. It will help you move forward, reach emotional happiness and express love towards another person without the fear of rejection.
  • Green Aventurine – if you want to get lucky in love or just want some good vibes in your life, then green aventurine is the one for you. Connected to the heart chakra, this crystal helps you let go of bad-relationship patterns and be open to a supportive type of love.
  • Rhodonite – if you happen to be single this Valentine’s Day and look with envy at every couple you see on the street, make sure you have rhodonite by your side. This heart-healing crystal is known for its soothing properties, being perfect for anyone going through emotional turmoil.
  • Carnelian – this crystal enhances excitement, pleasure, and joy, making it perfect for those who find themselves in a stagnant relationship and want to spice things up. Carnelian is also for those who need the courage to confess their love or affection for another.
  • Red Jasper – another crystal of the heart chakra, red jasper boosts self-confidence in those timid in love, helps you accept yourself just the way you are, and boosts the libido. Red jasper’s energy removes energy blockages, inhibitions and helps in sexual healing.

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