Empowered Goddess Kit - Shine

Empowered Goddess Kit - Shine

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From the maker:

This ritual kit is focused on your solar plexus. This kit is perfect to boost your inner magic and to reconnect to your empowered self!

The SHINE ritual is one to do when you need to reconnect to your MAGIC! You will shine from the inside out! 
First, you draw a hot bath to soak in the SHINE! This soak has a special blend of essential oils that ignite the magic within, while releasing energies that keep you playing small. Calm the negative self talk, release the old ideas of Self and get into the feelings of standing in your power as your best Self! While in the soak, dunk under and do a spiritual + physical scrubbing, from head to toe. As you scrub, this may bring up emotions of the events or thoughts that have dulled your shine in the past... ALLOW these feelings to rise up so that you can experience the release you DESERVE.

After your soak, gently rinse your body.  Do not use soap of any kind.  You want to let all of this medicine soak into your body.  Gently dry off and then you get to spritz your entire body with our house made, Sol Shine mist. This magical blend of essential oils is a fresh, citrus blast of energy + worthiness + confidence! You will keep this mist with you all day in your purse or backpack so that you may give yourself a misting as needed. 

After you dry off take some time to sit with the Rutilated Quartz Crystal that is apart of this set.  You will carry this crystal with you in your bra or pocket daily, but for now just take the time to hold it either hand that feels the best for you. This crystal cleanses and recharges all Chakras and helps your soul to blossom.  Allow this medicine to come into your body and just notice what it feels like and how it is healing you now.  

Take the time to journal and write out what it looks like to live your best life.  As you are writing this manifestation down, FEEL what it FEELS like to be living this way.  

Take the time to let this set in.  

We provide you with a pendulum, a divinity tool, that keep you in touch with your intuition. You'll use this tool whenever someone or something challenges your 'gut' feelings. Trusting yourself is a huge part of keeping your SHINE BRIGHT!

Here is what is in this kit:
  • Shine healing salt soak helps to release self doubt and any other negative energies that you hold in your mind or body memory. This blend opens up space for you to Find your inner truth, boosting you with the courage to embrace who you came here to be. Use salts for a bath soak or foot soak.
  • Sol shine reiki mist is a fresh, citrus blast of energy + worthiness + confidence so you can go out and slay the day!
  • Rutilated quartz crystal is a powerful healing crystal that cleanses and recharges all of your chakras, supporting Your soul to heal and blossom.
  • Pendulum is added in this ritual set to help get you in touch with your intuition. Use it often to strengthen your inner gifts!


Mist:  Orange, Lemon, and other high vibrational essential oils

Bath Soak: Clary Sage, Tangerine, Orange, and other high vibrational essential oils

Made in USA

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