Shungite Pendulum
Shungite Pendulum

Shungite Pendulum

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The Shungite pendulum combines the properties of the mineral and the pendulum shape. Shungite is several billion years old mineral with spheric carbon molecules, hollow carbon cages called Fullerenes in its structures. Pendulums are used as divination and energy healing tools.

Benefits of using the Shungite pendulum:

  • balances the chakras
  • cleanses the aura
  • clears energy blocks
  • promotes grounding
  • absorbs harmful EMFs
  • spiritual healing
  • elevates our energy frequency
  • promotes spiritual growth

Please note that our new pendulums are faceted not round. Approximate size 1.25 inch long. Pendulum made of authentic Shungite ordered directly from the Russian mine. High-quality Shungite product with 60% carbon content.

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